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Eiffel Tower Paris



This one-hour tour starts at the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, a medieval Catholic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The cathedral was consecrated to the Virgin Mary and is considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. From there, we will walk along the streets of the islands on the Seine, and discuss the origins of the city. Our stroll will lead us to Marais, where you would find some of the most historical buildings in Paris, be it houses or aristocratic mansions. We will walk through the narrow and winding back streets of Paris to experience how normal Parisians live their lives - the quaint cobbled lanes, the sweet patisseries, and at the street corner, the cozy little bistros. The tour will stop at the "Place des Vosges", one of the most beautiful squares in Paris. Depending upon how much time is still remaining, we may also have the opportunity to explore the Jewish district with an old synagogue, and many plaques in remembrance of people who were deported during World War II.





First of all, 2020 is enough of a reason to relax for an hour to take a virtual tour in the beautiful city of Paris, so thank you for joining!

        Today’s tour is taken with the real estate world in mind.  Virtual capabilities of touring property have grown greatly since being fully embraced due to health concerns.  I believe it’s an amazing adjustment made in the industry and the real estate professionals I trust with my friends, family, and clients do a fantastic job utilizing these tools!

        Please enjoy the tour and reach out if you have any questions about financial planning, insurance, investing, real estate, and beyond!


September 15, 2020





We know now is not the best time to be travelling. So, we'll bring you to the most iconic spots around the world! Join us virtually, in Paris, France-

Tuesday, September 15th at 1PM EST.

Thanks for traveling with us!
Are you looking to purchase real estate within the next 2 years?
Do you have a written financial plan?
Would you like a complimentary audit of your insurance policies to ensure proper pricing and insurance amounts?

Yes!! Your bags are packed! We'll see you

Tuesday, Sept. 15th at 1P EST

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