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Simple Society is designed for people.  

In today’s world, financial planners and wealth advisors require a minimum of investible assets or a financial planning fee of $5000 per year and well beyond.  This makes it difficult for the average person, who could benefit from financial planning, to access and utilize services.  

Our mission at Simple Society is to make finance and insurance approachable, accessible, and easier to understand.  In short, we want things to be SIMPLE.  We want to grow with you.  Our financial planning model is designed to be affordable and allow for a client-advisor relationship that is both long-term and meaningful.  


While our desire is to have a close relationship with all of our clients, we understand that a financial planning fee isn’t for everyone.  We will make specific transactional recommendations upon request.

Finally, at Simple Society we recognize that there is no valuable asset more important than your time.  Our goal is to give your time back to you so that you can spend it on the things that matter most.

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